Quantegy GP9 Grand MasterTM Platinum Audio Tape


The introduction of Quantegy’s GP9 Ultra High Performance Studio Mastering audio tape sets the platinum standard for studio audio recording. The superior output, transient response, clarity and crispness of GP9 surpasses the aural expectations of audio engineers the world over. Through advanced technology, GP9 utilizes a functionalized binder system for the ultimate in shed-free performance and unequalled mechanical runability. Unless you hear it on GP9, you haven’t heard it.

  • Uniquely designed, functionalized binder system for remarkable durability
  • Superior output and transient response for the ultimate clarity of playback sound
  • Superior consistency through end-to-end certification of every roll
  • Superior runability through the use of the thickest flanges and closest tolerances of all mechanical components

    Technical Specifications :
    GP9 Series Spec Sheet